The Benefits of Pruning

I'm good at a lot of things, but I don't have a green thumb.  While I love the looks of plants, most of the ones in my home are of the beautiful silk variety!  The pictures above are of the only plant I've been able to grow.  Would you  believe it's the same plant?  It … Continue reading The Benefits of Pruning

Two Meals can give your Body the Feels!

As we age, research suggests reducing our caloric intake is a good idea.  How to do that without feeling HANGRY?  Well, I'm trying the Two Meal a Day Plan that Active Agers in some Blue Zones use.  Instead of eating breakfast first thing when I get up and moving (I'm an early riser--5:30 AM--where are … Continue reading Two Meals can give your Body the Feels!

Keep Growing and Glowing

Lessons from the Tao on Growth: A moving door hinge never corrodes. Flowing water is never stagnant. Even in the autumn of Life, you cannot give up on growth. If you do, you only decline. All aspects of a person: body, mind and spirit have one curious quality...once they stop growing, they begin to atrophy. … Continue reading Keep Growing and Glowing

Joyful Joints — It’s great to exercise again!

Hi there Ladies Who Love Life... Welcome again to Sizzling After 60!  This is my blog about embracing life, living well and loving often.  Each day we are blessed to be here is to be celebrated asd part of the journey--for all the ups, downs and all arounds that life give us.  So, I'll be sharing my … Continue reading Joyful Joints — It’s great to exercise again!

Confessions of a High Heel-aholic!

Yes, I love my high heels! How many of you sixty-nistas do too? Well, gotta tell ya, sometimes you have to pay to play. Now some folks say that platform heels are comfortable...and they are more than one might think, but after wearing a slammin' 4 inch pair to a three-day meeting (thought sitting down most … Continue reading Confessions of a High Heel-aholic!

It’s 2 PM–have you gotten your workout in yet?

Well, I haven't either .  But what I did do is just as important.  I got some really good SLEEP--slept in.  Haven't done that in ages, and my body feels SOOOO good!  Like someone pushed the re-set button. In my research on how to live a sizzling life, I've come across a great book to share … Continue reading It’s 2 PM–have you gotten your workout in yet?

Hello world!

Welcome to Sizzling At 60!  I'm looking forward to that milestone in 17 months, so let's countdown together.  Let's share our thoughts, affirmations and techniques to be sizzling and stay that way!  As women we do so much for's where we can share what works for US!  Who wants to ease on  down the road … Continue reading Hello world!