Stretch Yourself – Good for Your Body and Mind

Amy and Lydia 2018

This summer I hurt my shoulder, and couldn’t lift heavy weights.  I had to adjust my fitness routine to a different pace.  One of my BFFs from grade school days, Lydia, came to visit, and she’s a yoga enthusiast at 65.  Looks great.  During her visit, she got on the floor and stretched for 15 minutes every day, then meditated.  I thought “Hmmm.  That’s doable and looks like it feels great!”

So I started that regimen, and let me tell you—it’s powerful and effective.

Stretching Did You Know

As we age, our muscles and joints do also.  They are stiffer than they used to be.  But, with stretching, they can stay lubricated and working well for us.

There’s a new app coming soon called  While we wait on this app with daily stretch routines, here’s an article highlighting  “9 Stretching Benefits Women Over 40 Should Know”

They include:  1) reducing stress, 2) opening up the body’s muscles and increasing blood flow, 3) stretched muscles become your new normal, 4) a stretching routine can elevate your exercise performance, 5) it reduces overuse injuries, 6) benefits nearly all parts of your body, 7) fights age-related stiffness, 8)improves your flexibility and 9) when consistent, stretching improves the total way you move.  

I’ve felt ALL of these benefits since stretching daily.  It’s amazing–takes only 10-15 minutes, can be done anywhere and truly is a great way to start the day.

And then, adding 10-15 minutes on meditation–WOW.  By calming my mind, I stretch my mind and my possibilities.  I know, I know.  Many of you say you can’t meditate.  I was there too.  It didn’t work when I had to chant or hum.  That may work for some.  For me, when I read that all you have to do is sit quietly for a set amount of time (I use the timer on my iPhone) and let your thoughts roll by…well, that I could do.

Meditation stretches your mind by clearing out stuff.  It’s like when you have too many windows open on your computer, it slows down.  It’s like trying to see clearly on a foggy day.  You have more clarity when the fog lifts.  When I’ve cleared my mind for the day, all sorts of new ideas have room to pop in, and they do!  It also sets a positive tone for the day, as I’m not focused on negativity.

Stretching your body and your mind is a wonderful way to lubricate your well-being on a daily basis.   Far too often, the alarm goes off, and we hop on our phones, checking email,  responding to it, turning on the news and letting all kinds of stories fill your mind, and…we are off to the races!

By taking a few minutes to tune in to your body, then clearing your mind, you can take your energy and productivity to a whole different level.  Trust me, it feels SIZZLING afterward!

It’s so simple.  Sometimes, the most simple things can be the most powerful.

Hugs, Amy

Amy BW Outfit 9-18

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