Tap Into Your Juice

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It’s interesting.  This process of Sizzling.  To me, it is so much more than how I look.  It’s how I feel about my life, and the many aspects of it.  You see, there’s is so much to live for.  It’s about consistently making the decision to step toward the good.  Step toward God’s gifts inside of you.

I wrote a guidebook, called Tap Into Your Juice – How to Find Your Gifts, Lose Your Fears and Build Your Dreams some 14 years ago.  In it’s 4th printing.  Endorsed by Michelle Obama.  It’s based on ten principles–my 10 P’s–philosophies I live by.  The first is Believing in Possibilities.  I’ve found that if you have a dream, a vision, a goal–even if you’ve never done it, if it is on your heart to do, try or become–well, it was put there for a reason.  Keep walking toward it.  Your belief is your energy source–align to it.  No matter what your age.

I still read TAP myself.  They say the teacher sometimes is the one needing the lessons.  Ha! Well, that would be me.  When life throws a curve, I go back to my 10 P’s.  Feel free to check them out…get it in ebook/Kindle form on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/tap-into-your-juice/id1099926182?mt=11 –or Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Tap-Into-Your-Juice-Dreams-ebook/dp/B01LWRR58J.  Paperback copies are coming back soon!

You see, to me, your Juice is the energy of your gifts–the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional vibrancy that gives you the momentum to accomplish anything.  And since our gifts are uniquely individual, your Juice can be too.  Tapping into it is a way of plugging into your smarts, strength, creativity, courage, resolve and resiliency to move forward through fear to build your dreams.

I had fears about starting this blog!  As the posts show, it’s not my first time.  Life happened.  You run hard and and the currents can be rough.  But I’ve found that turning within to align with the intuitive guidance we all have been given is energizing.  It’s like putting your boat in the river in the direction of the currents–your currents.  Learning to believe in and trust what feels right to you is a process.  But guess what?  When you get into the rhythm of it, the possibilities start coming.

Don’t fight the feeling!  Go with your gut.  Have less fight and more right with yourself and see what happens.  You’ll figure out the logical stuff.

And actually, as I’ve gotten older, this is becoming easier to do.  It’s freeing to realize that you can connect right into higher levels of energy.  Click on to it like an app–it’s electric!  It’s a mindset.   Be your OWN lottery ticket.

When negativity pulls, I remember to start tapping and Stand in My Power–my God-given gifts and shift my energy into gear.  I want the possibilities of a vibrant life, so I’m believing they are mine to have.  What about you?

Tap Into Your Juice.  Try it.

Let me know how that works for you, OK?

And as always–SIZZLE ON!

Sending Hugs,






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