Shift Happens

There comes a time.

At each stage of life, you shift.   Priorities, plans, dreams.  You rearrange the chairs on the deck to fit the motion of the ocean.  Always pressing on, but pressing in a different way.  You sail on while things calibrate, energy moves, and then exciting horizons can appear.  I’m shifting gears now.   Higher!Horizon

When energy moves in a different direction, it’s hard sometimes to catch the rhythm, and may be a shock to your expectations.  But then, as you catch the rhythm, you make different decisions and change the map.  New destinations ahead!   Staying open to possibilities can sizzle!  It keeps momentum in life when you look at the positives of shift happening.

Shift.  What’s shift?  The stuff that can make you mad, delays that can frustrate, new information that changes your perspective and can throw you off your square.  But within the swirl of it, take another look, and find something new.    Another way of getting to success.  Even with situations where you thought you had figured out all the angles.

My friend Norma and I talked about this–that Shift Happens.   It does.   Why fight it?  Norma had a great  party celebrating her Level 7–seven decades of living life—and looks fabulous!  Part looking good is letting things matter that really matter now.  The rest–well, leave it alone.  Letting shift happen and staying focused on the positives is Better than Botox!  Less worry lines.  Keeps the forehead smooth.  Just sayin’.

Making a strategic pivot can really turn out well.  It’s hard to let old frameworks go, but when leveling up, that’s what is required.   When riding the wave, even if a turn takes you on a longer road, keep pedaling.   Let the fresh air hit your face.  The air around you is changing to go with the flow of opportunity.  God’s timing always shifts you in the right direction.

So, don’t get mad when Shift Happens.  Just roll with it.  Then make the choices you need to find the current and RIDE!

Do you feel me?  Let me know!





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