Confessions of a High Heel-aholic!

Yes, I love my high heels! How many of you sixty-nistas do too? Well, gotta tell ya, sometimes you have to pay to play.

Now some folks say that platform heels are comfortable…and they are more than one might think, but after wearing a slammin’ 4 inch pair to a three-day meeting (thought sitting down most of the time would be OK), I paid the price. Came back with such back pain–OMG! So, what’s a High Heel-aholic to do? Stop wearing them? NOT!!!

Just have to adjust. Catalog your shoes into categories:

15 minutes-then sit down heels (i.e. FABULOUS stilettos for dinner dates, or moments where you walk to the car, to the table only and back when things are over; then take off once you get in the car if you drive or at home if your guy does)
1 hour – then sit down heels (i.e. somewhat lower heels, but still making a statement for special events,dinners, etc. where you know you won’t have to stand the whole time)
3 hours – then go home heels (OK, we’re not talking Nikes, but shoes with enough heel and style to make your point comfortably for networking, at the office, meetings and such)

And whew! Yoga and Pilates are helpful to keep the hamstrings and back in gear. Massages, too. A secret: try massages at physical therapy offices. If done by a physical therapist, they really help and can be more affordable to get on a regular basis. I just made the committment to get them once a week. Not just to wear high heels, mind you, but to de-stress too. Very important for Sizzling!!

Sooo…send me a photo of your favorite heels, or a story about you wearing them! And share advice to all of us High Heel-aholics out there!  Check out one of mine–and guess which category they fit!

Sending Love,


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a High Heel-aholic!

  1. So enjoyed this!! Congrats on looking Marvelous for the next journey. ot far behind you but such an inspiration. I must admit that I am guilty as well with those pumps. Will send you a photo!

    Enjoy life to the fullest and thank you for sharing! Margaret

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