It’s 2 PM–have you gotten your workout in yet?

Well, I haven’t either .  But what I did do is just as important.  I got some really good SLEEP–slept in.  Haven’t done that in ages, and my body feels SOOOO good!  Like someone pushed the re-set button.

In my research on how to live a sizzling life, I’ve come across a great book to share that discusses the benefits of sleep in helpful detail.  It’s called “The Hormone Diet” by Dr. Natasha Turner.  Not so much a diet program but an amazing book on how hormone imbalances affect all of our efforts to have a healthy body.  Dr. Turner says that not getting enough sleep encourages immflamation, which is THE sneaky, dangerous health culprit that can truly put a fizzle in your sizzle.

The Hormone Diet is available on Amazon and via iTunes for iPads.

So, after getting a few extra ZZZ’s, I’m ready to hit the Kettle Bells.  Have you tried those?  30 minutes a few times a week gets your muscles moving.  You can feel your muscles re-aligning after the first try.  Start with a lower weight to get used to them.  They are available at Target and there are plenty of videos to try.  Will share some of those later.

In the meantime, listen to your body…when you still feel sleepy at your normal wake up time and can take some extra ZZZ’s go for it– and hit the re-set button for your energy!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.   Sending Love to all the Sizzlers out there!

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