Grind Less and Glide More

By Amy S. Hilliard A lot has been written lately about Quiet Quitting, the #Soft Life, and women losing ambition as we have gone through the pandemic and seen COVID change the way we live and the priorities we used to hold dear.  I know.  When it was announced on May 14, 2022, that 1 … Continue reading Grind Less and Glide More

The Gratitude of Joy

As we move rapidly into the New Year, we are all about setting goals, hitting the gym, doing vision boards---important stuff.  Heck, I was in the gym yesterday afternoon and had to almost fight the crowds for a favorite machine LOL!  That is actually a good thing. In the midst of it, though, I hope … Continue reading The Gratitude of Joy

Eat Well, Be Thankful and Keep it Moving!

As the holidays are upon us, there is much to be thankful for.  Being Grateful will keep help you healthy.  So will Movement. Movement can keep the #1 health issue at bay...INFLAMMATION. While we all can be focused on food, fun, gifts and libations, please put exercise on your to-do list.   According to a comprehensive … Continue reading Eat Well, Be Thankful and Keep it Moving!

Prayer – A Powerful GPS System for Life

Hi All! By now, you may know that I think the #Harriet movie is a MUST SEE film.  Yes, like many, I've known of Harriet Tubman's incredible heroism in bringing hundreds of slaves out of bondage into Freedom via the Underground Railroad for years.  But seeing her story as a young woman when she first … Continue reading Prayer – A Powerful GPS System for Life

Be a Game Changer! Have a Green Smoothie Morning

Have you guys seen the Netflix documentary The Game Changers?  It's about athletes who get their strength from plant based food.  It's AMAZING! Now I've posted about trying to be more vegan-ish before.  But it's HAAARD to give up meat, fish and chicken entirely.  And with Thanksgiving coming up...Imma TRY. But this movie gave me … Continue reading Be a Game Changer! Have a Green Smoothie Morning

Finding Your Calling – A Pivot Point

Hi there. Many of you know that I recently made a pivot in my career and started teaching Marketing at Loyola University's  School of Business.  I'm here to tell you... I. Love. It.  It is one of the most gratifying things I've ever done.  When I walked into the classroom for the first time, and … Continue reading Finding Your Calling – A Pivot Point

What’s Your Personal Elevator Pitch?

As an entrepreneur, I have often had to craft an Elevator Pitch.  That 30 second to 1 minute pitch to tell a potential investor or customer about my business or product if I met them on an elevator to engage them enough to want to work with me, consider investing with me, buy my … Continue reading What’s Your Personal Elevator Pitch?

The Power of Letting Go

  As the seasons are changing, we can learn something from tall, strong trees.  They shed their leaves in the Fall, they let them go.  And yet, the trees continue to grow.  Season after season. And we can learn from the exercise we probably did as kids, the monkey bars.  Swinging from one to the … Continue reading The Power of Letting Go

Build Your Muscles – Relax Your Mind

There's a lot of information circulating about meditating these days.  Many people swear by it.  I must admit, I was a skeptic.  You all know I believe in getting to the gym.  Here's one of my favorite clips from Pinterest about hitting it:   Well, as many of you know it's also been a challenging … Continue reading Build Your Muscles – Relax Your Mind

Have you ever given YOURSELF a card?

I'm a big card person.  Love them!  I scan the card aisles looking for gems to send later for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, sympathies, friendships or...just because.  I recently came across a beautiful card in my stash and thought of who to send it to, and thought, why not keep it for myself?  Why not send … Continue reading Have you ever given YOURSELF a card?