Joyful Joints — It’s great to exercise again!

Hi there Ladies Who Love Life…

Welcome again to Sizzling After 60

This is my blog about embracing life, living well and loving often.  Each day we are blessed to be here is to be celebrated asd part of the journey–for all the ups, downs and all arounds that life give us.  So, I’ll be sharing my thoughts as I approach my 60th birthday in August and beyond!  And, I really look forward to the insights from your life’s journey also…Let’s Sizzle!!!

It has been a LOOONG while since I blogged last…the last post was over a year ago when I wrote about loving my high heels (please re-read Confessions of a High Heel-A-Holic). Welllll….that love came with a cost. After walking around with 20 extra pounds, still wearing 4 -inch stilettos (again see Confessions), participating in a 10K race (as a walker) without enough training, then driving to Atlanta and cooking for 30 people for Thanksgiving, my body said ENOUGH!  Rather my hips screamed it.  I became sidelined with bursitis, then sciatica pain in my back and boy did it hurt!!

For over a year I really couldn’t work out. It hurt too bad. I was icing both hips before doing anything in the morning. Had cortisone shots, was inhaling Alleve and stronger stuff…then the kicker: I was in so much pain for my son’s graduation from Howard University last month that the doctor told me to get a cane for the ceremony! That’s when my mind kicked into gear and I said NO WAY!  This 20 pounds has to GO!  As Olivia Newton John said–Let’s get serious!

Physical therapy is a truly incredible thing. After getting some key exercises and doing them faithfully for two weeks, I started swimming. That was the only cardio I could do. Thank God my Mom made me take those lessons at the “Y” when I was a kid! It felt SOOOO good to move again, I got religion.   Also, I am working with a wonderful accupunture specialist to balance the energy in my body.  Have you ever tried accupunture—fabulous!!

In a few weeks, I was able to ride the recumbent bike. Then the elliptical, and finally, back to weight training. Found an excellent machine called the “Push Up Pump” …check it out at It supports your body weight so you can do pushups. I am still doing the knee version, but now do 180 at a time!   Gonna get me some of those Obama arms yet!


Then I got Bob Harper’s new book “The Skinny Rules”.  It…Is…Awesome!  Really breaks it down on how to eat well, not feel deprived, but feel healthy.  I posted those rules around my desk, refrigerator and home office, and follow them.  And I’m down about 5 pounds. Makes a HUGE difference. Did you know that for every pound of excess weight, your joints carry three times the impact?  So for the 20 extra pounds I was carrying, that meant 60 pounds on my hip joints, my back and my knees. So, the 5 pounds I just lost feel like 15 pounds to those joints–and now they sure are joyful!

So, Ladies, I’m on a journey and want you to come with me.  As mentioned earlier, I will soon be 60–August 16 of this year is my milesotne birthday, and I want to be Sizzling then and thereafter!

I’m looking for inspriation to share.   So let’s help each other and share our stories, thoughts, sayings, photos of what works for us to be healthy physically, mentally, spiritually.  We WILL be Sizzling After 60!  And, we can inspire those who think 60 is a long way off to keep it moving ‘cuz life is still lots of fun.

So let me hear from you…Let’s Sizzle!!

9 thoughts on “Joyful Joints — It’s great to exercise again!

  1. First of all, YOU’RE A LIAR. You can’t be 60 NOTHIN”. 🙂 You’re fabulous my dear. Thanks fo the tips, ’cause I’m right behind you and I’m not goin’ out without a fight. Fran B.


  2. Hi Amy, Thanks for the Inclusion. I can’t believe it, you look great! But I do understand wanting to SIZZLE. I’m om board!!
    Great tip – Drink a Cold glass of water in the morning it will jump start your metabolism
    and always go to sleep hungry, so your body can burn fat through the night.


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