Saluting Debbie Allen – and the Power of Asking for What you Want

As we celebrate Black History Month, I'm honored to salute a woman who is truly Sizzling After 60 and has been making history for a LOOOONNG time, Debbie Allen.  This new article in Elle Magazine says it all--"Debbie Will Determine": Photo by Emily Shur for Elle Debbie has been a trailblazer for years.  Her … Continue reading Saluting Debbie Allen – and the Power of Asking for What you Want

Get Your Glow On! Skin Care and Inner Care

With the ACTUAL temperatures in Chicago currently at -20 below and a wind chill of -50 below, it's a good time to take a look at your skin care regimen.  We don't want our faces to crack, no matter what the weather! I'm often asked about my skin, what I use/do to keep it glowing.  … Continue reading Get Your Glow On! Skin Care and Inner Care

Stay Vibrant!

This is Millie Cruzat.  She'll be 92 years young next month...and I mean YOUNG!!  You may have seen her on Chicago's Windy City Live television show sharing her tips for living long and well.  She's a former dancer and yoga enthusiast who can still do an awesome high kick, and wears her stilettos with ripped … Continue reading Stay Vibrant!

Being Healthy is My Legacy

Happy New Year! Thank you to everyone for your very kind calls, texts, cards and prayers on the passing of my beloved Mom last month.  As I continue to miss my Mom dearly, one lesson she taught me was to stay active.  Mom used to walk three miles every day with one of her girlfriends … Continue reading Being Healthy is My Legacy

Stretch Yourself – Good for Your Body and Mind

This summer I hurt my shoulder, and couldn't lift heavy weights.  I had to adjust my fitness routine to a different pace.  One of my BFFs from grade school days, Lydia, came to visit, and she's a yoga enthusiast at 65.  Looks great.  During her visit, she got on the floor and stretched for 15 … Continue reading Stretch Yourself – Good for Your Body and Mind

Reinvention is a Choice. 

 Are you considering a major change in your life?  It can seem daunting.  Should I start that business?  Move to another city?  Try a different career? Well, you are reinventing yourself. Like a caterpillar shedding it’s skin in order to emerge as a butterfly, we shed our skins several times at different stages of life. … Continue reading Reinvention is a Choice. 

Tap Into Your Juice

It's interesting.  This process of Sizzling.  To me, it is so much more than how I look.  It's how I feel about my life, and the many aspects of it.  You see, there's is so much to live for.  It's about consistently making the decision to step toward the good.  Step toward God's gifts inside … Continue reading Tap Into Your Juice