Reinvention is a Choice. 

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 Are you considering a major change in your life?  It can seem daunting.  Should I start that business?  Move to another city?  Try a different career?

Well, you are reinventing yourself. Like a caterpillar shedding it’s skin in order to emerge as a butterfly, we shed our skins several times at different stages of life. I remember when I became a mother. A totally new life for me. I had to re-invent who Amy was. All of my ambitions, goals and desires had to be re-calibrated because I now was responsible for another life.  But re-calibrated–not eliminated.

What was challenging was not only to re-think who I was, but also not to LOSE who I was in the process.  It wasn’t easy.  I’ve always been ambitious. Sold homemade perfume from petals in my mother’s rose garden at 10. I’ve had paying work since I was 13 years old, so working was in my DNA.

I was not in a position to be a stay-at-home Mom. That didn’t bother me, as my role model, my mother, always worked. I saw her re-invent herself from a nurse, to an entrepreneur, to a college grad, then a math and science teacher who went on to get a graduate degree. And she did all this reinventing AFTER having four children. So, I grew up thinking women could work and be a mother. And that’s what I did. I continued to work, have a corporate career, became an entrepreneur, and still relished motherhood. Wife-hood didn’t work out as well…but that’s another post.  Lessons learned.

Mom and me in NY

What I understand now and didn’t then, is how much COURAGE it took for my mother to re-invent herself. It took tremendous courage for her to pursue her ambitions in the 1950’s and 60’s. She recognized what her spirit was saying she needed to manifest…she didn’t ignore it. How often we IGNORE what our inner spirit is saying to us! We ignore at times due to fear. Yet, if you tell fear to step aside, you can take the time to go within to make some important decisions.

Choosing to re-invent requires introspection and action. During those introspective times, don’t let your thoughts go down a path of regret. “I wish I had tried X.”  Well, it’s not too late! Don’t waste time in What If-Ville. “What if I try X and this happens. What if I don’t try?”  Time will march on either way, so choose to move from thinking about re-invention to taking steps to do it. All of a sudden, your energy to achieve shifts–and your mind becomes freer to create a new reality for yourself.

You start jumping into your day, buoyed by the KNOWING that you are getting into alignment with your gifts. Wow. When this happens to me, it’s like having a mind orgasm. Ha!

We can CHOOSE TO RE-INVENT. It can be an exciting journey, even when you can’t see the end of the trip. Take action on your dreams. Don’t waste moments on things that shift your energy into a negative place. Click on your mind app that says ONWARD AND UPWARD!

It’s never to late to SIZZLE!   Talk to you next week.  Hugs, Amy

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