Stress Does Not Sizzle. It Fries.

Hi Everyone!  Thanks so much for being patient with me and my postings.  Hope you like the new logo for Sizzling After 60! This has been a challenging time...Mother's Day was both wonderful and challenging.  My kids were just terrific.  Yet, as you can imagine, I missed my Mom terribly.  It was my first without … Continue reading Stress Does Not Sizzle. It Fries.

Step Into His Will – With Just Enough Light for the Step You’re On

As we approach Easter Sunday, I've been reflecting... Sometimes I don't know which direction to take.  Sometimes, the road looks hard.  Sometimes, I want to just curl up with the remote and surf Netflix. I'm sure Tiger Woods felt that way over these last ten years.  But he didn't give up, and look where he … Continue reading Step Into His Will – With Just Enough Light for the Step You’re On

Create your Own History

You are doing it whether you realize it or not. We are in Women's History Month now, and because of the recent loss of my Mom, I reflect often on the lessons, wisdom and joy she gave me.  In doing so, I also recognize that like many women, she created history.  It wasn't widely celebrated … Continue reading Create your Own History

Saluting Debbie Allen – and the Power of Asking for What you Want

As we celebrate Black History Month, I'm honored to salute a woman who is truly Sizzling After 60 and has been making history for a LOOOONNG time, Debbie Allen.  This new article in Elle Magazine says it all--"Debbie Will Determine": Photo by Emily Shur for Elle Debbie has been a trailblazer for years.  Her … Continue reading Saluting Debbie Allen – and the Power of Asking for What you Want

Stay Vibrant!

This is Millie Cruzat.  She'll be 92 years young next month...and I mean YOUNG!!  You may have seen her on Chicago's Windy City Live television show sharing her tips for living long and well.  She's a former dancer and yoga enthusiast who can still do an awesome high kick, and wears her stilettos with ripped … Continue reading Stay Vibrant!

Becoming Yourself

I had the wonderful opportunity to see Michelle Obama on her book tour for Becoming.  It was simply amazing. She posed the question to us all:  Who are You Becoming?   To me, the answer is--Yourself.  As time goes on, it has gotten crystal clear to me that being true to yourself is the key to … Continue reading Becoming Yourself

Being Healthy is My Legacy

Happy New Year! Thank you to everyone for your very kind calls, texts, cards and prayers on the passing of my beloved Mom last month.  As I continue to miss my Mom dearly, one lesson she taught me was to stay active.  Mom used to walk three miles every day with one of her girlfriends … Continue reading Being Healthy is My Legacy