Create your Own History

Amy - SA60 - Create Your Own History

You are doing it whether you realize it or not.

We are in Women’s History Month now, and because of the recent loss of my Mom, I reflect often on the lessons, wisdom and joy she gave me.  In doing so, I also recognize that like many women, she created history.  It wasn’t widely celebrated in the media, but it’s historic nonetheless.  She was a renaissance woman as many women are today–reinventing ourselves as our careers, families, communities as the world evolves.  We create history in our spheres of influence.  That is important to realize!  We all know of someone who touched our lives either long ago or recently that changed our trajectory.  We all know or have ourselves changed paths after seeing what someone else has done, and thought–“Hey, I can do that too!”  Many life changes have improved situations for countless others.  When you change a job, start a business, write a book or article that is thought provoking, volunteer in your community…you are putting your imprint on history.

Often, we tend to step back and not look at the value we create with our actions, big and small.  I didn’t always focus on that.  But as time inevitably marches on, I have embrace the mindset of somehow creating value everyday, even if it is just with a smile.  Every day we can ask ourselves: what are we doing to create value in our families, careers, and communities?  Each one can reach one, and create history.

So often, we compare ourselves to more known people–celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs who have done incredible things that have changed the world.  We think-“Wow, what I’m doing can’t match or top that!”  Well, if it possibly can, great–but I submit it doesn’t have to.  The question is, what are you doing with YOUR gift to change lives or a life?  We cannot have the mentality of just “Looking Out for Number 1.”  That was a popular book some years ago, and lots of people bought into that philosophy, more often  tuning into their favorite radio station, WIFM–“What’s In it For Me.”  Doing so may feel good for the moment, yet can also lead to feelings of isolation from the collective needs of us as humans.

The world today needs everyones talent and best thinking.  Seismic change is happening so fast, it’s hard to keep up!  Yet, it is indeed possible to not only keep up but move the needle forward with a mindset that says, “I matter.  What I can do matters.  Every Day.”

It truly doesn’t take much.  Pass on that article. Or write it and pass it on.  Make that phone call.  Paint that picture.  Shoot that shot.  Try something new and share the results to inspire others.  It’s amazing the things that can make a difference and motivate others, who may then indeed change the world.

So, as we celebrate Women in March, go out there and create YOUR OWN HISTORY.  Own it and don’t forget to pass it on!

See you soon Sizzlers!







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