Stay Vibrant!

millie cruzat and amy

This is Millie Cruzat.  She’ll be 92 years young next month…and I mean YOUNG!!  You may have seen her on Chicago’s Windy City Live television show sharing her tips for living long and well.  She’s a former dancer and yoga enthusiast who can still do an awesome high kick, and wears her stilettos with ripped jeans!  She’s totally motivating.  Almost 30 years older than me!!  Her top longevity tips:  KEEP IT MOVING and BE POSITIVE!  Every time I see her I just have to hug her and stand in her energy.  I just love her.  Why?  Because she epitomizes Staying VIBRANT.  Seriously.

What is Vibrancy?  It’s the state of being full of energy and LIFE.   It’s exuberance, jazziness, vitality, robustness, cheerfulness, effervescence, friskiness…I could go on and on.  All I know is THAT’S how I want to be at 92 years old.

And I also know you can’t be that way at 92 if you don’t start being that way right now.  No matter what your age.  It’s a decision.

Every day we can decide how we want to be, how we want to feel and what we want to do.  I want to be vibrant, want to feel happy and want to eat right and exercise.   Who’s stopping me–NO ONE.  Who’s stopping you?

Let’s look at the alternative descriptive words if you’re not vibrant:  lifelessness, lethargy, apathy, laziness, spiritlessness, anemia, dullness–UGH!!!  Those words are not for me.  Will not claim them at all.

So how can we build Vibrancy into our lives every day?  Here are a few tips that have been working for me:

Daily meditation.  Drinking water when I first wake up–seems to flush out fogginess.  Doing some stretching to get my blood flowing.  Putting on workout clothes BEFORE getting coffee LOL.  Being grateful.  Going to bed at a decent hour.  Getting GOOD sleep.  Laughing–watching “Blackish” does it every time.  Connecting with people that you love.  Giving hugs.  Helping someone else.  Taking off my makeup before going to bed, no matter how tired I am.  Exfoliating regularly all over.  Standing up straight–Posture is powerful.  Dancing to my favorite songs all by myself.  Getting my hair done and seeing it look great as I pass by a mirror.  Pedicures, anyone?  Misting my one plant that has been growing for ten years, and seeing how water brings it to life.  Drinking LOTS of water–I found a snazzy and sleek bright turquoise thermos that keeps water cold for hours.  I add lemon slices to it after squeezing them for juice and it refreshes me all day.  Being creative and in the ZONE with my work.  Telling it like it is.  No time for foolishness–but learning and always trying to do so with compassion and empathy.  Finding out my favorite clothes fit better when I am FIT–instant wardrobe re-builder!

Again, I could go on and on.  So tell me what works for YOU!!  What do you do to stay vibrant??  Let’s get this list to be as long and creative as we can.  I’ll share your tips in a later post so we can all be like Millie at 92:

Slamming.  Slaying.  And SizzlingGo Millie!!

Looking forward to hearing your ideas.








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