Step Into His Will – With Just Enough Light for the Step You’re On

As we approach Easter Sunday, I’ve been reflecting…

Sometimes I don’t know which direction to take.  Sometimes, the road looks hard.  Sometimes, I want to just curl up with the remote and surf Netflix.

I’m sure Tiger Woods felt that way over these last ten years.  But he didn’t give up, and look where he is now.

While the road is long and winding, I realize that God’s not done with me yet.  I still have much to do, much to say, much to contribute.  It’s good to take time for reflection and to recharge.  That’s why instead of posting every week, I now post about twice a month.  You see, before you sizzle, sometimes you need to simmer.  Time to exercise, be with friends, family, nature…a good book, music.  Not just work, work, work.

We all have those moments when life seems complicated and our purpose seems unsure as the things we want take so long to manifest.  As good messengers of the Word can help teach us, if we can just relax and Step Into His Will, all will be OK.

Yet, that’s hard to do for us Type-A types!  We like having our hands on the steering wheel.  Knowing what’s around the corner.  Being about the business of being busy.  Our minds can be totally consumed by trying to FIGURE IT OUT.  Yeah, that’s the ticket!  No, not really.

Now, I’m all for strategic planning.  It’s helpful to know the terrain of your purpose so you can develop the proper tools to harvest the wheat.  At the same time, to sit in “What-If-Ville” too long isn’t a good move either.  I learned at Harvard Business School how to do a decision tree.  If you make this decision, where will that decision branch lead you?  And the next one and the next?

Well, sometimes, the decision branch won’t lead you anywhere because the branch hasn’t had time to grow.  The question then becomes, are you still inspired to water the tree?  Good.  Do so.  Or, perhaps that particular branch may have to die so that the branch you need can grow stronger.  Have faith that God’s will is strong enough to get you to your goals, even when you can’t see the finish line ahead of you.  As Dr. King often said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”  Stormie Omartian said it another way…God gives you “Just Enough Light for the Step You’re On.”

We have to have the courage to take those steps.  To let what needs to grow, grow and what needs to die, die.  The beauty of it all is, we don’t have to do it all ourselves.  Christ died for us, so we could be free and forgiven to live our best lives.  Let’s vow to keep walking forward toward His vision for us.  Slowly and surely.  And never walk backward.  I think that’s what Tiger Woods did.  And that’s what I’m going to do.  How about you?

Tiger - Walk Slowly not Backwards

Happy Easter Everyone!



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