The Gratitude of Joy

As we move rapidly into the New Year, we are all about setting goals, hitting the gym, doing vision boards—important stuff.  Heck, I was in the gym yesterday afternoon and had to almost fight the crowds for a favorite machine LOL!  That is actually a good thing.

Planet Fitness 1.18.2020

In the midst of it, though, I hope we don’t forget to take some time to remain grateful.  Grateful to be here to begin another year, another decade.  I’ve written before about how seeking joy is critical for our health, well being and stress reduction.  Not looking at the glass as half empty.  Changing perspectives is so very powerful!

Amy on Leather Chair

I heard this quote in a recent meditation from the app Calm, which I cannot recommend highly enough:  It provides short meditations 5, 10, 15 minutes or more, on a variety of subjects to allow you to practice consistently and to BREATHE.  I’ve been using it for months now, and it has truly been a game changer!

Here’s what it taught me about Gratitude and Joy:

           Gratitude and joy

Think about it.  For example, are you grateful that you got over the flu?  I sure am.  Had it this holiday season.  Was in bed a LOT!  While I could’ve been sad about missing a lot of holiday fun, I decided to be grateful and listen to my body telling me I needed REST.  I became GRATEFUL and then JOYFUL for a full day of nothing but Netflix ALL DAY!!!  When was the last time I could do that!!  What a blast.  Funny movies.  RomComs.  Documentaries.  All the Dave Chappell specials.  And sleep.  SLEEP.  SLEEP.  Was I grateful and Joyful about that?  You bet.  It was obviously needed.

And upon reflection, I am grateful that the time of healing my body made me assess how much I had on my plate last Fall.  It was a lot.  Family.  Friends.  Teaching–which I love; writing–which I also love; but teaching and writing this blog and my memoirs was a heavy lift, as well as proposal writing for consulting and speaking projects.

Remember also, I suddenly lost my 10th close person in 18 months right before Thanksgiving.  My dear friend and Loyola Marketing mentor Dr. Gerri Henderson.  A brilliant woman, younger than me.  I realized it was time to slow down, reassess my priorities, recalibrate a few things, be grateful that I am still here, and be truly joyous about that.

And I am

What are you grateful for as you enter 2020 that gives you Joy?

Here’s another good thought to keep in mind for the year and beyond:

To quote Oprah:

” Don’t waste time arguing with those you love. 

Life is so short, even on your longest days.”

So Sizzle On with Gratitude and Joy!



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