What’s Your Personal Elevator Pitch?

As an entrepreneur, I have often had to craft an Elevator Pitch.  That 30 second to 1 minute pitch to tell a potential investor or customer about my business or product if I met them on an elevator to engage them enough to want to work with me, consider investing with me, buy my product…you get the drift.  Sometimes you only have a very short amount of time to make an impact.

The first slide above lists some key questions that are usually asked from a business standpoint.  These are very good questions.  So, for your business-minded folks out there, keep them in mind. Statistics say that Boomers are starting businesses faster than ever before!

But, speaking from experience, as you go about thinking what your next act will be, try this exercise:  What’s Your Personal Elevator Pitch?  If you had only a short amount of time to share what you are about with someone who could help you fulfill your dreams at this stage of your life, what would you say?  I’ve listed some questions to get you started.

Framing this out in your mind might pivot you toward your business elevator pitch in an authentic way.  There are endless opportunities out there.  Finding what fuels your soul is key, because, trust me, you will be spending a LOT of time, energy and money building your dream.  And if it doesn’t resonate from within, it will show from without.  Kinda like shoes that look good but hurt your feet.  You can’t walk very far in them.  And you’re smiling, but inside you can’t wait to get home to take them OFF!  They just. don’t. fit.

And this is not just for entrepreneurs or Boomers either!  You could be going for that next job or promotion, considering a move to a new city…a new relationship.  A Personal Elevator Pitch has a lot of uses, I’ve found.  It’s just a few snapshot questions to keep in mind as you think of options in front of you.  As you consider how you’d feel saying them to another, and if your answers feel true, you may find that you’ve hit upon a direction for your life or solidified the direction that you’re on in a way that helps keep you moving forward with certainty in your step.

So, let me know what you think about having a Personal Elevator Pitch.  Are there some questions you’d add?  Love to hear your thoughts!



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