The Power of Letting Go


Fall treesAs the seasons are changing, we can learn something from tall, strong trees.  They shed their leaves in the Fall, they let them go.  And yet, the trees continue to grow.  Season after season.

And we can learn from the exercise we probably did as kids, the monkey bars.  Swinging from one to the next one could be painful at times–hard work.  But the reality was, you couldn’t get to the next bar unless you let go of the bar behind you.


Letting Go Moving Forward

What great lessons in life.  You can’t grow unless you shed things that no longer serve you from one season into the next.  And you can’t move forward unless you let go of things holding you back from behind so you can move forward.

Perspective.  Ah, perspective.  It always seems so comforting upon reflection.  In the thick of things…hard to grab hold of sometimes.  That’s why I find it so important to take a moment and let the electricity of a situation pass if you can before responding.  I’m learning not to let my emotions vote!  Shedding the emotion connected to the immediacy of situations allows perspective to come in for better decisions.  Letting go of your hold on the moment, even for a count of ten, can sometimes open up possibilities that weren’t there before.

And, boy oh boy.  Letting go and Letting God!  How often have we heard that!  I’ve written before about how hard that has been for me.  I’m a Type A…Capital A person!  However, because the process of aging and surviving losses has provided indisputable lessons in how God really is the one in control, I’ve learned it is SO much better to let Him have it.  My faith has strengthened as I’ve learned to let go.  My stress has lessened.  My sizzle has turned up!  YAY!

It’s all so connected.  Exercise.  Meditation.  Prayer.  Letting go of those moments that you think need your immediate attention, action and resolution and the thinking that ONLY YOU have the answers.  Really?  Maybe not.  Letting go and letting situations unfold in God’s timing.  Letting go and letting thoughts and solutions simmer a bit.  Adding that bit of spice or a seasoning tip from a friend that wasn’t in the cookbook.  Sometimes like a wonderful dish, solutions taste better the next day.

I’ve found letting go is powerful.  Of course, I’m not suggesting you sit back and expect God, the Universe or your friends to handle your business while you lie on the beach.  No, it’s taking a step back, taking that pause that can refresh while you indeed make your moves to press on.   Keeps burnout at bay.  I’ve been there, and do not want to go there again.  And, if you haven’t guessed, letting go works in business, in relationships, on days when your body needs a rest…for so much of life.

So, tell me your stories of Letting Go–

When did you let go of something you thought you had to hold on to only to find something better was trying to make it’s way to you in the end?





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