Eat Well, Be Thankful and Keep it Moving!

Grateful to Keep it Moving

As the holidays are upon us, there is much to be thankful for.  Being Grateful will keep help you healthy.  So will Movement.

Movement can keep the #1 health issue at bay…INFLAMMATION.

While we all can be focused on food, fun, gifts and libations, please put exercise on your to-do list.   According to a comprehensive article in the AARP Bulletin shown below, inflammation has been linked to every major disease of aging.  Reducing it will help us all live longer, happier and better.

All the major health issues: cancer, heart disease, dementia and diabetes–all of them–can be linked to chronic low grade inflammation that can sneak up on you.  A study of 10,000 patients by cardiologists in Boston have documented that they may have proof.

According to the article, inflammation does the body good when we need to deal with issues like the flu, a cut or a swollen joint because it releases healing chemicals and nutrients to repair damage to cells.  It’s when inflammation becomes chronic, that problems occur.  It’s like keeping the furnace on high all the time, firing up white blood cells that in turn fire up other damage fighters that can blow up the bad cells as well as the good.

Wow.  There is so much to cite…I just want folks to read up on the dangers of inflammation to our brains, lungs, digestive system, weight and joints.  And stress is a big factor that can keep inflammation fires burning.  Y’all KNOW I’m about reducing stress!

So I’m just going to keep it simple.  Lifestyle changes are the best and fastest antidote to inflammation.  You know the drill:  exercise, watching what and how much food you eat, getting enough sleep and stress relief are key.

Fruit and vegetables have powerful antioxidants to keep inflammation under control.  As we age, inflammation can be even more of an issue, but getting enough protein is important to keeping our muscles firm, too.  So, going vegan is not what the study says is mandatory–just increase the green and colorful plant based foods in your diet, slow down on sugar and don’t overdo animal proteins.

Me, I’m finding getting my sleeping patterns under control is a challenge.  Hot flashes can interrupt the most pleasant night’s rest!  So I’m looking into non-addictive sleep aids like melatonin.  And, I don’t drink a lot of fluids close to bedtime, LOL!  Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day does seem to help, too, as does not having my smartphone near me at night.  I know that’s hard for some…but stop scrolling and start sleeping instead!

Listen, I can only share what seems to work for me and what the latest research says is important so we can keep Sizzling!  I’ve switched to Planet Fitness for my workouts, and really like the simplicity of the gym and the up-to-date equipment.  They have a 30 Minute Express workout that uses machines and cardio step sessions that is GREAT.  Hit it and Quit it.  Stretch afterward, and BOOM.  Done, and I feel like I’m doing something substantive to protect the temple God gave me.

So tell me, what’s on your Healthy Holiday To-Do list?

Let’s savor the flavors of the holidays and fit in healthy food, sleep and movement, Sizzlers.  Tell stress to take a hike and enjoy more of life.

Sending Hugs,



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