Get Your Glow On! Skin Care and Inner Care

With the ACTUAL temperatures in Chicago currently at -20 below and a wind chill of -50 below, it’s a good time to take a look at your skin care regimen.  We don’t want our faces to crack, no matter what the weather!

I’m often asked about my skin, what I use/do to keep it glowing.  These shots are 25 years apart–1993 on the right and 2018 on the left.  Neither pics have filters.  While makeup does help (concealer anyone?), you want your skin to shine through.  Happy to share what’s worked for me, and hope my tips are helpful to shots 1990-2018

First, drink lots of WATER.  I know you’ve heard this before, but it really works to flush out toxins that can show up on your skin.

Next, find PRODUCTS suited for your skin type.  Some folks swear by bar soaps like Dove, and say Vaseline is great for moisture.  Others like me, prefer a line of products developed to work together.  For several years, I used Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford,  I was such a fan, they featured me on their infomercial for over a year!  The shot below is from the monitor when we filmed the infomercial in 2013.

skin shot mb 2013

That was fun, but most importantly, the products are very good.  One of the best in her line is the Intensive Triple Exfoliating Treatment.  It’s a peel, scrub and detox treatment all in one, and resurfaces your skin.  Also, the Ultra Lifting ad Filling Treatment for the neck is fabulous.  Really works on those lines and crepey skin.

skin shot - mb cindy crawford

However, for some, it’s important to change up your products as there are many new technological product improvements happening all the time.  I love going to ULTA Beauty, because you can see what’s new in both prestige and moderately priced lines.  Also, like your exercise routine, you may need to switch things up to keep getting the results you want.

With that in mind, I changed up my skin care products last year to Mary Kay Time Wise 3D,  I had used Mary Kay years before, but this new line is truly awesome.  That’s what I am using in the 2018 photo.  For my Combination skin type, the line includes an Exfoliating Cleanser, Day and Night Moisturizers and an Eye Cream.  They have separate product lines for Normal to Dry Skin types.  Like Meaningful Beauty, Time Wise is state-of-the-art for Anti-Aging.  And, it is less expensive!

skin shot - mary kay time wise

Here are more tips no matter what products you use on your skin.

First, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS take off your makeup before going to bed.  No matter how tired you are.  Your skin needs to breathe.  I call it “Taking the Day off” my face.  It feels sooo good–kinda like taking off your bra when you get home, LOL!  For taking off eye makeup, which I do first, I use plain old Baby Oil and a cotton pad.  Works as well as Eye Remover products.  Next, I use Exfoliating Towelettes by Equate–Walmart’s private label skin care line.  Best ever, and really a great value!

skin shots - wm towelettes

Next tip: MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE!  No matter what type of skin you have, it is vital to keep it moisturized with creams that contain SPF ingredients to protect from the your skin from the sun.  Saw on Oprah a 70-year-old woman with flawless skin who put on moisturizer to get mail from her mailbox!  And don’t forget your neck and hands.  Often those areas are neglected, and they show age quite readily.  Seriously.  I keep hand cream with me at all times, and use it throughout the day and right before bed.  There are several good neck creams out in addition to Cindy Crawford’s.  Moisturize daily after cleansing and nightly before bed.

More:  EXFOLIATE!  As often as your skin will allow.  Getting the dead skin cells off definitely lets you glow.  Skin brushes can be great, but be careful not to overuse.  If you can cleanse your face in the shower, it’s easy to add a scrub to your cleanser and do both at once (a tip from my daughter, Angelica!).  This goes for your body also (another Angelica tip:  use exfoliating gloves in the shower for the body).  I find this also makes it easy to check for suspicious lumps on a regular basis.

Additional Skin Savers:  MASKS.  Pull those impurities right out and relax at the same time.  Once a week is good.  And VITAMINS/SUPPLEMENTS can help too–Omega 3-6-9 and collagen capsules are favs of mine.

So…that’s what I do.  Your skin can be glowing for years with a good regimen and products that work for you.  Just be sure your mind and spirit use good rejuvenating regimens also, so your glow will also come from within!

These are my tips…what are yours?

See you next week.





3 thoughts on “Get Your Glow On! Skin Care and Inner Care

    1. You’re so welcome, Darlene! My skin really benefitted once I started exfoliating regularly. Appreciate your comments!

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