Drink Your Water in a Martini Glass

As warm weather approaches, many of us are focusing more intently on our health and work out routines.  Summer is coming!  I know I’m making a real effort to eat right and work out consistently.   Also, drinking more water is key.

I’ve found that finding an attractive vessel for my water helps me drink more.  I have a bright turquoise thermal water bottle I take with me everywhere.  The color is one I can’t miss in my tote bag, and it feels fashionable when I pull it out to take some sips.

But I tried something new recently, when I wanted a cocktail at home.  Instead of going for it, getting out the gin, vermouth and olives for a tempting Gin Martini, I poured filtered water into a martini glass, added a lime wedge and started sipping.

Guess what?  It felt great, and I didn’t miss the real martini at all.  The fancy glass changed my perspective.

Isn’t that how life works?  A different thing, person, book, coincidence or situation can change your perspective about things.  In fact, my pastor says that God speaks to you through people, situations and His Word.  This is so very true!  How often have we gone down a road of thought only to see things very differently through the variety of lenses that become available to us?

As I sipped my water, I lit a candle, played some jazz and just had a wonderful few moments of peace and solitude.  The water was cleansing, and the martini glass had me feeling like I had treated myself.  Indeed I had–to my own health!  This was a very easy way to enhance my self-care regimen–something I take very seriously.  Instead of chastising myself about drinking more water, I found a way to make that important activity more engaging and positive.

Try it sometime!  Make drinking your water special.  It’s so vital for our health, and our perspectives on life are vital, too.  Doing the same thing in a different way, seeing people and situations in a differently can open our eyes to possibilities that are hidden, waiting for us to find them and explore the options that many times are right in front of us.

Don’t save your good glasses only for special occasions.  Use them regularly.  Because YOU are special!  Using your special things “just because” can shift your perspective immediately, and I believe this can make you feel differently and enhance how you see your world.

Sip On Sizzlers!



4 thoughts on “Drink Your Water in a Martini Glass

  1. This blog has been what I’ve been looking for a woman loving life and not allowing the calendar to dictate how she should look, feel or act. I’m loving it!
    Thank you Amy


    1. Thanks so very much, Cynthetta! I am grabbing all that Life has to offer. You have a great spirit, and I enjoy church with you!


  2. Awesome sharing! I look forward to the journey, It’s always good to remind us of treating ourselves special every day … why save your treasures items for special events when you are the event and treasure! Thank you ❤️ Stay encouraged! Blessings!


  3. Thank you… thank you! The martini glass, the champagne flute… whatever it takes to take care of self!


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