This is the one!

Hey Sixty-Nistas…and Not-There-Yets, Friends of, etc.!!
I made it! August 16.
I – am – 60. This is the one.
Yes, we all talk about milestone birthdays. But for me, this is the one. I remember 30 and can see 90. To be able to look backward and forward with perspective…serious perspective, clarity and discernment. That’s what 60 is to me.
And, though we haven’t connected in a while, the rhythms of life continue to beat…to flow. Thanks so much for the well wishes. You all have been on my mind and heart. And I know you understand how things can
I am learning to accept this transformational period in my life gratefully, gracefully, skillfully, courageously, quietly, joyfully and faithfully.
But–it surely is a process.
I accepted that it may be hard for my beloved 88 year-old mother to catch her short term memory often now, but her wisdom is totally intact. And her physical health is good. She’s still here. And that is a supreme blessing.

At the Health Club
At Guichard Gallery
Getting ready to hit the pool!

It was amazing to see, feel and experience my son–my last child–graduate from college and leave home as a man. And I continue to savor the exciting and beautiful on-glowing of my independent daughter in her womanhood.

Graduation Day at Howard!
Diva-dom Awaits!

I have embraced friends, family and lovers–past, present, future. Opened my heart to the cyclical energy that flows, and respect that–just that. I have embraced the changes that God has in store for me.

So, I’m here to tell you, it is okay to be 60…very okay. I’m feeling closer to God; closer to who he sees in me and why he sees in me.

Feeling Great!

Yes–celebrate the moment–every moment! No matter where you are on your journey, wrap your arms around this time. Let’s Sizzle. Let’s do this.
New dimensions.
More to come!
What about you?

19 thoughts on “This is the one!

  1. This blog was truly reflective and inspiring. It warmed my heart and spirit and informed me how important God and Family is to our overall being. Thank you for sharing this precious moment in time.

    Peace and blessings,



  2. What a blessing!!! This news is confirmation that age is just a number!! Your life is a great example of God’s love keep doing what you’re doing! I am so blessed that God brought you in my life!!! Looking forwArd to our next conversation


  3. When I see you my sister, I don’t see 60, or 50 or any age. I just see beauty inside and out and the courage and confidence of a lioness. You move me to do better and to dream. I have never firgitten the wirds of wisdom you shared with me during your start-up and challenges with Comfort Cake. We haven’t communicated in a while but every time a see a photo of you with that billion dollar smile, my heart feels happy and I find myself smiling. We have to get together soon for dinner on me. I so enjoy your newsletter. Love you much!!


    1. Pam! Hi there! It has been a while. Thanks so much for your comments. They fuel me for the hunt–yes I am that lioness! (smile) See you soon and hope all is well.


  4. Amy, you are amazing and so is your mom. You make 60 look like the new 40. Looking forward to sizzling hot like you! Andre said hello and thank you for sharing your mom with us on our anniversary. We truly enjoyed you both.

    Fran & Dre


    1. Hi Fran and Dre! Miss you guys! Thanks so very much. Just out here putting one foot in front of the other. My Mom had such a great time at the Gallery. See you soon. Hugs!


    1. Thanks, Pat!! It’s always so good to see you at the gym. You motivate me to keep on hittin’ it!! That’s key to Sizzling!


    1. Hi Barbara!

      So good to hear from you. Hope things are well. Embracing life is a choice that feels so much better than focusing on challenges. Thanks so much for being there!


  5. Amy, Congrats to you as you embrace your journey with ease, grace, and an abundance of energy and wisdom. Your sizzle is delightfully infectious! All my best, Robin


    1. Hi Robin! Great hearing from you and hope things are terrific. Thanks so much and glad sizzling is infectious! Going to try and get as many folks to catch it as I can! Take care.


  6. Amy,
    It’s good to hear from you! I also made the big 60 this year so it was a pleasure to see your grateful and graceful responds to this transition, I have not been as excited. Your vwords will change my outlook, you look great and I have to believe attitude has a lot to do with embracing the moment.

    It’s been a very stressful year but what you’ve said has made me focus on the blessings, my Mom’s health is good, my precious daughter is healthy and acknowledging (and growing) her talents and strengths through her new business. My husband who been extremely ill is getting better. And I made to 60 with strength to keep moving – now I just need the attitude to “work it”… 🙂



    1. Hi Debra! Thank you for sharing. It’s a true blessing to know that something said here was helpful. Press on, my friend. As long as you can look up you can get up. And I know you can work it because I’ve seen you do it! I’m a witness. Stay strong, and glad things are getting better for your husband.


  7. Sizzling 60 for sure! I NEVER would have guessed. And that’s a tribute to all of us headed in that direction to establish as a prototype! You warmed my heart with this post. Thanks so much for thinking enough of me to share it!


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