Hello world!

Welcome to Sizzling At 60!  I’m looking forward to that milestone in 17 months, so let’s countdown together.  Let’s share our thoughts, affirmations and techniques to be sizzling and stay that way!  As women we do so much for others…here’s where we can share what works for US!  Who wants to ease on  down the road when you can shimmy!  Sizzling knows no age!

4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I totally agree!!! We just get better and more fabulous!!! My mother is amazing at 89…as her mother was before her!
    I want to greet life with passion and exuberance and not let it pass me by! Life is too short, no matter how old we are, so let’s enjoy the ride!!!


    1. Thanks so much for joining us, Bonnie! Yes, Sizzling Moms are great role models. My mom turned 87 this year, and is my inspiration. She still wears high heels and does the Electric Slide at family celebrations! I’m learning how to post photos, and will post one of my mom soon.


    1. Hi Portia,

      Thanks for coming to my blog! Frogive my delay in responding…been a very hectic time and keeping up the sizzle was harder than usual…but back at it! Please keep connecting and share your thoughts too! Best, Amy


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