Give Yourself Some Air

I was in NYC, running late for an important reception.  Got involved with work on my laptop, looked up and my time to get ready was crunched.  As I rushed to take the subway to save time, I missed my train–twice (was on the wrong track!) and became uber-frustrated.  First at the subway clerk who told me where to go.  Then at the train for not opening its doors on my side.  Then for not leaving time to take a real UBER.  In reality, though, I was mad at ME.  For working past my cutoff time.  For spending time with my Mom when I was running late (not really on that one).  For not leaving earlier.  For not going bare-legged instead of jostling with pantyhose.
For not…for not…And then—I. Just. Stopped.
Could I have done better time management?  Yes.  Was beating myself up about it going to change anything?  No.  So instead, I gave myself some air.
I settled down, took a deep breath and reminded myself–it’s not that serious.
Wow!  Immediate stress reduction.  And reducing stress is KEY for better health and a longer life.  For Sizzling.
I decided not to stress over it.  To look forward to the evening instead and resolve to get better with my time.
That felt a LOT better.  And, was a much better use of my thoughts and emotions.
Giving yourself some air around things you could do better is WAAAY more satisfying than beating yourself up over stuff that isn’t going to change.  As a Type A person, I want things right, on my timing, my hands are on the wheel, etc.  But Type A or not, life can get in the way, so I’m giving myself some air and letting life be life.
While similar in concept to one of my favorite books, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson, Give Yourself Some Air is slightly different in approach.  It’s not Just Do It!—Hup, Two, Three, Four!
Give Yourself Some Air is more—just breathe…WooooSaaaa!
Whew.  This revelation is a long time coming for me.  Just breathe.  Letting go of the small frustrations that hamper well-being is affirming.  And doing so makes it easier on those close to you at home, work or play.  
Are you with me, you perfectionists out there!  Take heart! LOL.  It’s just not that serious.
Seek perspective in the situation instead of buying into the frustration of the moment.  Switching your focus is an immediate stress reducer.
And I’m all about living stress-free.
It helps keep my Sizzle.  IJS.
Talk to you next week.


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